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  • What's your privacy policy?
    Šeit būs īss apskats nepacietīgajiem:
    • Tava e-pasta adrese netiks pārdota vai atdota trešajām personām.
    • Ir nepieciešams izmantots daļu tevis ievadīto datu, lai veidotu mājaslapas statistikas.
    • Mājaslapas palīgi var labot tavu naudaszīmju datus, bet tikai administratoram ir iespējams uzzināt tavu e-pasta adresi.
    • Cookies tiek izmantoti priekš sesijas datiem un ja vajadzīgs - automātiskajām logošanās reizēm.
    Ja palicis, kas neskaidrs apskati nākamos jautājumus...

  • Kā tu izmanto manu e-maila adresi?
    EuroBillTracker will send you a notification by email when someone enters a note that you've entered before. If you've checked the appropriate checkbox in your account details, you'll receive an EBT newsletter via email every few months. You can stop receiving those newsletters by clicking the link included in the email or by unchecking the newsletter checkbox from your account details page. If there is a serious problem regarding your EBT account, the webmaster may contact you by email for clarification. Your email address will not be given or sold to other EBT users or third parties.

  • Vai jūs lietojat sīkdatnes(cookies)?
    Yes, cookies are used to hold your current session data and your default language for browsing the site. If you've chosen to make the site remember your login, your email address and encrypted password will be stored in the cookie.

  • Kam ir pieejami manis ievadītie dati?
    Other EBT users can see your username, the date you joined, the last time you entered a note, number of bills, number of hits, your public profile, your location and the address of your homepage if you've provided one. Have a look at the Top 10 user listings on the right for some examples.

    It is essential to the purpose of the site that we can use some of the data you've provided to generate statistics. Some of these statistics are private and shown only to you, for example complete listings of the notes you've entered, the distribution of your note denominations and a map of places where you have entered your notes. Some of the statistics are public, such as the user reports mentioned in the above paragraph. There are also several statistics that can't be connected to individual users, such as how many notes have been entered in some specific country. Have a look at the Statistics section for examples.

    The EuroBillTracker support team has some extra capabilities: they can modify the note data you've entered if you tell them your username and the serial number(s) of the note(s) you want to modify.

    The hit moderators can see a list of all your hits. They can decide if a hit is interesting or not.

    The webmaster has full access to the database, including your email address. This information is usually used to resolve login problems. Please note that we do not store your plaintext password anywhere, so it is impossible for anyone to see your password.

  • Kā es varu pārliecināties, ka dati ir pareizi? Kā es varu izlabot kļūdainos datus? Kā es varu aizvākt savus datus no sistēmas?
    All the data you've entered can be seen from the site. If there are errors in your user account (such as wrong postal code), you can fix this yourself by selecting Preferences in the left menu. If there are errors in the notes you have entered, please file a support request. See the Notes FAQ entry for details.
    In the unlikely event that you want to remove all data about yourself from this site (an option that is required by our data protection laws), please contact our support.

  • Kā jūs aizsargājat datus no neatļautas piekļuves tiem?
    We have a dedicated server for EuroBillTracker so only the EBT administrators have access to the web server. The server itself is located in a secure colocation facility and is protected by a firewall. No data is processed or stored outside European Union. This restriction is required by the EU data protection directives.

  • Who can I contact in case I have legal questions about your privacy policy?
    Tagad mājaslapas serveris atrodas Somijā un ir ierobežots ar Somijas likumiem.

    Anssi Johansson
    Viides linja 12 D 74
    F1-00530 HELSINKI
    Telefons: +358 50 5275147
    E-pasts: ebtlegal @ miuku . net